My Need for Speed Has Been Snuffed!

And I didn’t even get it out of 2nd!

Yesterday I was driving to work.

Not too much traffic, zipping here and there and I had a smile provoking thought that I have often…..I love the roar of my engine!

Now anyone who owns a sports car has to have had that thought.

I know because sports car owners seem to unconsciously greet each other, at least those who have a secret desire to see what their car can really do.

Engines get gracefully and gently revved, without even thinking, when another sports car drives by and catches your eye.

I have done it, and my car has evoked that in others.

It is kinda like the sports car owners version of Namasté.

For those who don’t know – Namasté is both a spoken Indian expression and a symbolic gesture that people use when greeting each other or in parting. Pronounced “na-ma-stay,” the term derives from Sanskrit and literally means “I bow to you.” It’s more commonly translated as “the divine light in me honors the divine light in you” or “the God within me greets the God within you.” Namasté is the recognition that we are all equal and share a common divinity. – Courtesy of The Chopra Center.

I got to work and lights were being installed in my area so I had to find something to do.

I sat down and read this….


And I un-expectantly came across an article entitled Need for Speed: The Night I Raced Away From DC’s Hellish Traffic by Christopher Shea.

To be honest, I thought it was going to be an article about a dude who moved away from the hustle and bustle of DC and escaped to a quiet life somewhere.

Instead it began….

The 140-horsepower engine in my little 1995 Acura Integra isn’t exactly roaring, but it is snarling nicely.  I’m coming out of the 90-degree right-hand turn onto a 2,900-foot straightaway at Summit Point Motorsports Park’s main track, my knee braced hard against the side door, body tense, pores emitting copious sweat.


My heart just skipped a beat.

Other snippets from the article that grabbed me…

I’m a manual-transmission snob, and yes – I do think I’m a pretty good driver.  But I’ve never done much more than take highway exit ramps kind of fast, or maybe sneak it up to 90 on a remote highway.

I’m also here because I suspect that hitting the track is something a lot of Washingtonians itch to do.  That our region is full of repressed drivers: people who only ever deploy their high-performance rides in stop-and-go traffic on the Beltway.  In Washington, we are forever in cars – yet we rarely really drive.

Suddenly there’s an overpowering engine note in the air, symphonic Wagner to my Acura’s kazoo, and I look up in the rearview mirror to find it filled with the leering face of a Porsche.  “We call it the red mist,” DVD says, and warns me not to get competitive.  I am distracted – he’s right.  But not by testosterone-fueled aggression.  It’s just that watching a Porsche glide through a fierce, arced turn is a beautiful sight.  “Breathe,” DVD says.  He’s full of these helpful reminders.

Get Out Of Gridlock!  Turn off your GPS, buckle up, and let your inner Jeff Gordon rip…at Summit Point Motorsports Park.

Hello, I’ve been looking for you Summit Point!

I cannot even begin to explain to you how excited I was for the next few hours.

I found a race track and I could finally see what my car could do!

One day.  I don’t have the money right now.  BUT I had the place, so I had a goal to focus on and work towards!

The author also shared how intimidating it was to show up and I couldn’t help but to think….dude, how would you like to be a petite, blonde highlighted FEMALE showing up to take that drive?

Hi guys.  I’d like to race my car, please and thank you.

Not only that, which instructor would be able to fit into my car with me?

In my grand visions, it was my hope that they would underestimate me, thus taking the pressure off since they wouldn’t be expecting much.  And then boom, I would *wow* them like I did in my motorcycle class with a…..Not too shabby for a little girl,  huh?

But since the author proved to himself that he was not as good of a driver as he thought he was, I am pretty sure that I would have driven away drawing the same conclusion.  But I would have happily driven away after having tried it!

However, it saddens my heart to say that I may not be able to experience this dream anywhere near as soon as I had hoped.

Alas, there was an unfortunate catch….spelled out on their website…in order to race your S2K (or other similar convertibles) on their track you had to have one of these….

S2000 After Market Roll Bar

An aftermarket roll bar installed in your car.

Hello $1,000+ in parts and labor upgrade to my car just to be able to race it that I wasn’t anticipating.

What a bummer!

I mean like BUM. MER.

But you know that roll bar, pretty cool.

Too bad my car needs the convertible top replaced in the next year or so also.  Another $1,300+ in parts and labor upgrade.

So that all adds up to $2,500 of work needed on my car to pay $250 for a day of racing it, and wow, my dream just keeps getting more and more expensive by the minute!

So thanks stupid magazine article for inspiring me to try something that I have wanted to do, and helping me to find out that I REALLY cannot afford it, but still clipped you out and have you in my Must Do Before I Die folder!

Cuz ya know, this could be me one day…


Although the yellow car #1 is a Solstice, but in my vision it is a S2K!!


9 responses to “My Need for Speed Has Been Snuffed!

  • Terry Schenck

    Ya know… could always buy the roll bar and NOT race it to make people think you do 😉 ( I’ve just saved you $250 ) haaaa

  • 6hawks

    Wonderful image ——> “…symphonic Wagner to my Acura’s kazoo…” Ask, believe, receive. Ladies, start your engines!

  • Chris

    Sigh. This is something you should do. Something you need to do.

    Get the roll bar, and a helmet and take a race driving school or class. There really is no other choice.

    You can install the roll bar yourself I suspect. If that’s the only hang up, I’d gladly install it for you.

    And you’ll need tires.

    Then exhaust. And adjustable shocks….

    P.S. google ‘autocross’ in your local area, you don’t really need anything for that ‘cept a helmet.

    P.S.S. My Rabbit has a hole in the exhaust so now it sounds bad-ass. It’s a manual so I rev it up and sound like a complete moron, but it’s fun.

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      Ok Mr. Dash My Dreams Some More!!! hahaha Do you know how much new tires for that car costs? hahaha If I had a garage, and another car to use to you know, get to work and stuff should I not be able to put the S2000 back together, I would try to install it myself. My BFF mechanic replaced my driver side radio speaker and I was in awe that you could just unscrew stuff and taa daa door frame comes right off. I had grand vision off unscrewing lots of things, taking seats out and what not, and cleaning every inch of that car. Sigh. If only I had a garage.

      So, this experience is not the autocross thing you were talking about? I have a HD motorcycle helmet, can I wear that? Or do I need to pretend spend more money that I don’t have to get a special race car helmet to take my car around a track at least once in my lifetime?

      PS ~ So you are one of those bad-ass morons that scares the hell out of people. Niiiiiice! hahaha

      • Chris

        Well yea if you get new tires you’ll need a set of rims to put them on – you switch from street to track tires on rave day.

        And no I don’t scare anyone. I am in just a Rabbit after all.

      • Chris

        Ps take an all inclusive race school like Bondourant (sp?) – you won’t need anything. Google it. They provide the cars – usually BMW’s or Vettes. 2-3 days of instruction and wheel time

      • Saving My Belly Button Ring

        See, now you are just thinking like a dude! hahaha New rims, switching tires… are giving me a headache!!

        I am sooooo gonna google an all inclusive race school! Thanks!

        I am still gonna hold on to the dream of taking my lil yellow out too. It fits like a glove and I want to experience letting her rip!

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