Less. Regrets.

A co-worker was talking with me this morning.

I don’t know how the subject came up, but he told me about his mother who passed away.

She had Alzheimer’s disease.

During the last few years of her life she kept a journal.

She wrote daily about what she was feeling, what she was going through, and about the things she regretted never trying.

From what I understand, she had a pretty good life and she was a pretty good artist.

My co-worker’s dad has hundreds of her paintings hung throughout his home, and when he passes they will be donating them to raise funds for a charity.

He shared with me how his wife has read the journal, but he couldn’t make it passed the first page because it broke his heart.

His voice still catches when he talks about it.

I told him, perhaps you don’t need to read it, just take away from it the less regrets part.

Do more things that you want to try so you won’t have the same regrets.

I don’t think we can live a life without some regrets.

But I do think we can have a lot less regretting, and a whole lot more of at least trying some things in our lives going on.

One. Life.

Less. Regrets.







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