What a Pain in the Ass!

That has got to be what my bosses are thinking right about now.

But in reality, I am a goldmine in disguise.

I sent them an email yesterday, asking yet again, for something else.

How about you prepay for this Quickbooks training, and I pay you back in installments?

Really it would be a win-win for both parties.

I could do work for them that they can bill, and I will add to my own skill/experience set at the same time.

Although I did have to share that it would need to be small installments, because I seem to be the Queen of Installment Plans right now, but I am trying to better myself in doable ways.

I use Quickbooks for my job.

I pay the bills, make the deposits, add new vendors, do some adjustment journal entries and reconcile the bank accounts.

But I want real training so I can do everything that you can do in Quickbooks, because that is a skill set that will help me where I am, as well as move on should the time come.

I sent my request before our meeting next week because (a) the training is happening in June and (b) they might want to start thinking bigger for me or they could miss out on a good thing (someone who actually would like to be able to do everything under the sun for you, and to be paid in kind).

I don’t ask for a raise without first proving myself, and then showing that I can do far more than I currently am and I want to grow.

Not to mention, because I don’t mention it but can’t help thinking that any business owner might want to think long-term and take a gander at their current staffs age pool…..I’ve still got a good thirty years left in me.

Even if they decline, there are other trainings this summer and fall.

And come July 15th, the yoga training will be paid in full, and I will save up the money and get the Quickbooks training myself.



2 responses to “What a Pain in the Ass!

  • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I’m big about getting the company to pay for my training! It makes me a better employee! Of course, there are only about 5 of us in my company… so we don’t have a lot of cash laying around! A lot of my reps will pick up the cost of training, and our company is good at reimbursing M&IE. Good luck on getting your training fully paid for!

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      I think if company likes their employee (someone you’d like to keep around), it is wise to pay for their training. That is if the company is in a position to do so.

      I didn’t even ask them to pay for it out right, so I am pretty sure they won’t offer that up b/c God’s knows what she’ll ask for next time (probably their thoughts – hahaha).

      But either way, this is training I have wanted for a while and it is definitely so worth having so I can move on up. So I’ll find a way to get it myself if they aren’t interested.

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