It’s Kinda Scary When Your Dream Came Come True.

Twelve years ago I went through and successfully completed the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Certification program.

And I walked away with a dream.

One day, I wanted to own a motorcycle.

I owned a moped when I was young, and it had me at hello.

I cannot even explain the freedom and joy I felt when driving, yes, even on a little moped.

Twelve years ago, that summer, I accidently stumbled across Rolling Thunder while out driving on the Washington Parkway, my favorite stretch of road to drive in any vehicle.

I was moved to tears by the sheer number of bikers.  The power, the sense of community, the purpose of the ride, and fun this group has annually is breath-taking.  At least to me.

I’ve been on that stretch of road almost every Memorial Day Weekend/Rolling Thunder since.

It took me a while to be able to take my first motorcycle class.

Summer of 2008, I think.

I learned to drive this….

Honda Rebel

Honda Rebel, 250cc

I did well, was the only girl in my class, and even had to be leader of the pack for a few drills against my wishes.

Many years passed, I still wanted a motorcycle.

So I decided to take another motorcycle class, with Harley Davidson this time, to refresh my memory and skills.

Summer of 2012, I learned to drive this (not me in the picture)…..

492cc Harley-Davidson Buell® Blast® motorcycle2

Harley-Davidson Buell® Blast®, 492cc

I did extremely well, was one of three girls in the class, and gladly signed follow me guys I’ve got this as I led several of the drills.

A couple of my fellow classmates asked, Um, why are you taking this class again?  You’re the only one out here who is not afraid and knows how to handle that bike!

Summer of 2014…..

My bosses and I are sitting down next Tuesday to review my salary and talk about a raise.

I tried a different tactic.  I spoke with my boss yesterday directly, the one who wants a Harley himself, and the one who offered up the review/raise in the first place.

Do you remember that you guys said we would sit down and talk after tax season about my salary and discuss a raise based on my tax season performance?


Well you see this Harley…


I’ve done a lot of research and leg work, and I could get something like it this summer, but a review and raise would be helpful.

Ok.  Schedule a meeting next week for you, me and the other boss man to meet.

So now I kinda feel like this…..


But buying and owning a bike is quite a big deal, an enormous decision in my opinion.

So although I am happy, I gotta admit, it is quite scary when your dream can come true.

So I am going to take my time.

And I will probably driving my S2000 with the top down on the George Washington Parkway taking in the Rolling Thunder/Memorial Day Weekend vibe this weekend.

But next year, watch out boys and girls, there’s gonna be a new biker chick in town!



10 responses to “It’s Kinda Scary When Your Dream Came Come True.

  • 6hawks

    Dude, I’ve owned a Ducati and a couple of little Honda street bikes but have never even touched a massive Harley. Grrrr. What machines they are. And I’ve stood by the road as hundreds of Harleys rolled by in the Trail of Tears ride, Alabama’s version of Rolling Thunder. I DID tear up. So much power celebrating a cause. Dreams that are meant to be keep coming around.

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      They are powerfully awesome, as are the rides, celebrating their causes. Of course I am going to have to get someone to drive mine home for me until I can get better acquainted with it. hahaha My bosses friend is a Harley man, I am gonna ask for his help. 😉

  • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Rock on!!! And kudos to getting the sit down talk scheduled!!

  • Chris

    You’re going to kill yourself. Just kidding. Best of luck with the raise. I never was bit by the bike bug, but I do like the allure of picking one out, ordering a custom one. I once did a display for Harley retail stores so I had to go research their stores and I saw a bike or two that spoke to me. I suppose I could do it or could have done it. It’s rather impossible now. But maybe someday.

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      I sure as heck hope not, I am rather attached to my body as it is! Especially because the older you get, the quicker you realize, this might be as good as it gets. Thanks about the raise. Not really sure what to expect since I had to push for it, but, even $5 is more than I have right now. I know lots of folks who ride once the kids are grown and out on their own. Perhaps there is a maybe someday out there. 🙂

  • Terry Schenck

    Terry : I’ve ridden on a motorcycle once… girlfriend could barely keep the cycle up while driving 😉
    LV : nice dude …..:/

  • bobbie caffee

    Good for you, girl. I’ll ride on the back with you!!!! Look out, OBX…

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