Team. Work. Good Things Happen When You Don’t Lose Your Cool.

This morning I was feeling pretty proud of myself!

I was leaving the house early with plenty of time to stop to get gas AND swing by Starbucks.

99.1% of the time I am on time, if not early, to wherever I need to be.

But for some reason, I have been showing up to work 5 minutes late here, ten minutes late there.

I think that happens after the thrill of tax season is over.

I still get up early.

I just do a lot of things around my house in the morning and then realize. Oh Crap, I gotta go!

Recently I exclaimed to my boss, I am gonna get my act together and start getting here on time!

He hadn’t even said anything.

So this morning, as I said, I was pleased as punch because I was going to do all that I needed to do and maybe even get to work a few minutes early!

I was happy for about five feet.

That’s when I hit the traffic jam at the Let Us Out (!!!) gate.

The exit gate of my building’s garage wasn’t working this morning and there was a backup.

Poor dude in front of me pulled up, backed up, repositioned his car, and pulled back up again.

It’s triggered by your car.

He even got out and tried to manually lift the gate.


The thing wouldn’t budge.

So me, being the brilliant and I so can’t be late anymore person that I am….I backed up and zipped right up to the entrance gate.

The dude swiped his card for me, and Taa Daa, it worked!

He helped another car out after me, and I pulled over to help him get through.

No one else was present to see our spectacular escape, so there might still be a traffic jam in the exit lane when we all get home.

And that is how you work with complete strangers and get it done!

Team. Work.

Karma was kind to me today in return.

Free upgrade at Starbucks this morning!

And later in the day, a regifted gift card to Starbucks from my boss!

Woo hoo!

Life is good as long as you don’t lose your cool when trapped inside your own parking garage.


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