Post Tax Season Recovery

I haven’t done a darn thing for the last three days!

Last Thursday I was due to get off at 1pm, so I didn’t eat lunch.

I finally left at 3pm, and was grumpy as hell (from not eating lunch).

I learned something new though.

Never answer yes when your boss asks if you are the creative type.

I was building Easter baskets there up at the end.

I don’t know that I have ever put together an Easter basket before.

And he may or may not ever ask me to do that again.

All of my grand plans of spring cleaning like my life depended on it flew right out the window as I lay around on my couch watching TV.

I ate and slept, and ate and slept some more.

A couple of adult beverages here and there, and life was good.

I don’t think it helped things that my monthly visitor showed up for the party.

I am pretty sure I would have been right as rain when Saturday rolled around had that not happened.

I did manage to go shopping for a little while one day.

I am not a shopper, unless, I can buy things to make my home prettier.

I bought myself a present, well two really, to brighten up my kitchen a little, a small reward to myself for a job well done.

A mini yellow Keurig…..which many of my Facebook friends approved and encouraged…


And a Happy picture….


My picture is a lot nicer and Happy is written in yellow with a yellow, white, and grey background.

I am just too lazy to take a picture and upload it onto my computer to post.

It took everything within me to refrain from going into work for just a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday.

But amazingly enough, I did refrain.

I’d just roll over and dream that thought right outta my head.

I wanted to be prepared, but now I am not, so I am a little scared to see what will be waiting for me on my desk when I go back into work on Tuesday.

But I will worry about that tomorrow.

Today, I have the day off!

I have energy!

I have spring cleaning to do!

I am just gonna take a quick nap, and then I am all over it!! hahaha






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