Show Me The Money!

A day off.

My April 16th day off is finally here!!!

What am I going to do with my day?

Go into work. hahaha

There are just too many loose ends for my OCD brain to tie up all nice and pretty, before she will get on board with taking a day off.

Have no fear, there are days off, as in plural, on the other side of this going in for a few hours today to tie things up to my liking and comfort level.

Plus, it seems, I can’t just go cold turkey.

Not when my drive for the last handful of years has been to earn my former salary back after starting over in a new field.

No one will be in except for my bosses, so I can focus on my stuff.

Get in. Get it done. Get out.

Oh, and remind my bosses that we are due a post tax season salary review and raise meeting.

They give bonuses at the end of the year, and assured me that they will not forget how awesome I was and will show it.

That came from the boss who I think might have forgotten about the raise part, as he was a little slow to warm to the idea originally since I had only been there for three months, but did agree to it after my other boss threw it out there enthusiastically based on my fall mini tax season performance.

So I will just remind them that once the dust settles, I’d really like to have that talk.


But truth be known, I would have worked that hard regardless. It is in my genes.

Plus it has been my experience that you do get rewarded for being a hard working team player, whether it is agreed upon up front or not.

The warm and fuzzy of my day, I get to go into work in sweats and a ball cap.

For some reason, I can kick ass even better when I am dressed for it.

My boss asked me if I had grand plans for my days off.

I told him, Dude I am gonna get crazy! Steam my carpets, get all of my own filing done, donate anything that I am not using, pet my cat, get some yoga classes in to get back in shape, do some cooking… name it, I’m on it!

He’s still trying to wrap his head around that being fun and fulfilling. hahaha



4 responses to “Show Me The Money!

  • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    ahahhahaha! I’m off on Friday, and plan to clean, clean, clean and that will make me very happy! Have fun working on your day off and I know that you are ready for the raise, I hope it’s a big one!

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      I knew I liked you for a reason!!! A girl after my own heart!! Bring on the cleaning. hahaha I am hoping I get a big raise too. I didn’t mention it yesterday. I figure we all deserved to enjoy the day after tying up our own loose ends and not having to deal with anything major. Plus the OT that I have been getting helps to warm the heart. hahaha I’ll mention it today so they can think about it while I am gone. Nothing like giving people a little space. 🙂

  • Chris

    With the passing of tax day I was wondering if you’d go crazy, like a woman just released from prison, today. Your day(s) off sound wonderful – exactly the sort of stuff I’d do. Enjoy your well deserved break.

  • Saving My Belly Button Ring

    Thanks Chris! If I didn’t have grand plans of beautifying and organizing my own place and getting some fitness in….I would go crazy. hahaha

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