The Home Stretch

My office is closed the day after April 15th.


There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Not much longer now.

But things wouldn’t be interesting unless there were challenges thrown into the mix right at the end.

We are down an accountant.

She’s been having problems with her back that finally landed her in the emergency room and down for the count.

My partner in crime, aka helps me do everything I need to do, was out most of yesterday and will be out most of today, due to a big project she is in charge of at her other job.

We have had a string of high school kids helping with the admin stuff, which has been helpful, although I have to prep everything and instruct as we go.

Luckily they are smart kids and aim to please.

Positive note, my boss commented on my partner in crime and I’s work ~ You guys make one hell of a team! It is amazing, not one mistake has been made!

I am hopeful these sentiments will be expressed in the raise that I am due on the other side of tax season.

So tired, I don’t even dream about tax season anymore, that is how over it I am now.

On a positive note, I am able to open my window at work, so daily I get to feel and smell the freedom that I will soon be experiencing firsthand.

So as you enjoy your beautiful and sunny weekend, please keep those less fortunate (aka all accounting firm peeps) in your thoughts and prayers.

Oh, and enjoy your weekend (for all of us)!!

A little visual.

This is you…..


This is us….



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