Tax Season: A Behind The Scenes Look.

Sitting at my desk I get an intercom buzz: I am not here! No one is here!

My first thought: You suck!

My second thought: Crap. I am gonna get stuck in a very long conversation with someone who is going to say the same thing, ten different ways.

My third thought: Who is going to believe that I am the only person in the building during tax season!!!

My fourth thought: I am going to kick someone’s ass if they accidently come down here after I said they were out. I don’t like lying!!

I answer an incoming call: Lisa, it has got to suck working on a Sunday!

Yes it does, and with whom am I speaking to?

A client being all friendly with me and I haven’t a clue who he is.

Later I found out that he is my number one fan, he’s an odd ball and he is married. Triple yuck.

My boss tried to scare him straight, he’s been married for thirty years, after the client was done gushing about me my boss said very seriously, Um, that’s my wife you are talking about!

Even devote Catholics like to pull pranks. It helps to make working on a Sunday a little bit easier to swallow.

A client comes in to pick up his taxes, and ends up hanging around. I finally broke down and made him a cup of tea.

Forty five minutes later my boss buzzed me, Holy Shit, I didn’t think he was ever going to leave!!!! Did he at least ask you out?????


Well if he ever does, say yes. He’s loaded!!!!

I am not into older dudes.

Your loss.

Phone rings, client needs help with our online site, his computer is slow, and so he starts chatting me up.

You sound so young. Do you like older men?

Um, I try to stick to guys around my own age.

I’m seventy. If you change your mind, I am coming into town next week.

Ok. Thank you. Um, is your computer ready now?

A group of men come in for a meeting, I get them their drinks and ask the one who is drinking coffee, Would you like cream or sugar?

I will need some sugar, because I am not a sweet as you.

And that is my life right now.

Too bad I am not into older men or busting up marriages, because I’d be filthy rich ten times over by now.

Now if only I could get this lucky in the real world! hahaha

Only eight more days to go, things can only get more interesting from here.

Tune for the post ~ Pitbull – Give Me Everything ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer

PS ~ I could use a good dance session right about….NOW. I need to get this old dude energy off of me. hahaha




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