Best Day Of My Life!

I’m sorry.  Did I say no drama at work in my last post?

I must have hit my head prior to writing that one.

Because when you’ve got females involved, sooner or later, drama is gonna try to happen.

My co-worker sent an email to me and my bosses yesterday “kindly” asking me to be careful when filing people’s returns because she found several mistakes that I made and blah, blah, blah I am trying to pull rank without saying it out right blah, blah, blah “thank you.”

Oh no she didn’t!

The several is what got me.

I made one mistake that I knew of, and even brought it to my boss’s attention several days prior because when I make a mistake I own it, even though making mistakes sucks and owning it sucks even more. hahaha

And she did catch one mistake that I was not aware of yet, so I gave her credit for that.

But I am sorry, if you are going to try to throw me under the bus, I am going to come back with a painfully detailed report to include names, dates and times of all the mistakes you thought I made that really weren’t mistakes you just didn’t check with me or the big wigs first to know that it was all covered.

And I am not going to say thank you at the end of my email either.

Later in the day we had another email exchange in which she started and pulled a boss into the mix, trying to say that I didn’t do something correctly.

I replied to all, I know that I didn’t do such and such. I don’t have the time and no one else seems to have a problem with doing it for themselves.

What she failed to mention was that what she was asking me to do would enable us to make sure no extensions were overlooked.

Both bosses where down at my desk within 10 minutes all smiles and like, ok, what’s the problem?

We quickly resolved it once I understood, and all was well.

Kinda funny, if there is drama elsewhere, it is ignored or only addressed when push comes to shove because right about now is not the time for drama.

But when it comes to her and I, well we are the two wheels that make the entire bus go round and round, and although either of us could be replaced, it so would suck for them because we both have a pretty good handle on everything that is going on.

I think she’s tweaked because she’s been there for close to five years, and I have only been there for seven months and have earned the same amount of respect and responsibility as she has in a shorter period of time.

But then again, I am 15 years older and have more work experience under my belt, and I happen to be control freakishly organized and on top of things, to the point that any OCD inclined person would be proud.

After yesterday’s exchanges, I couldn’t help but to think it is such a good thing that both of my bosses had only daughters.

It has given them skills to handle “sisters” squabbling for “daddy’s” approval.

As for drama, I am not a fan.

So if you try to start it, I am going to state the facts to all involved at once, move on, and if you need me, you know where I am.

She on the other hand is having hush hush pow wows behind closed doors with another co-worker, so today should be quite interesting for me! hahaha

Tune for the post ~ Best Day Of My Life by American Authors




6 responses to “Best Day Of My Life!

  • Terry Schenck

    Wow…..when I would talk to my first wife every night, she would say a lot of the same things you are going through ( bringing up mistakes to her bosses and pointing out mistakes that weren’t even committed by her ) and breaking through those co-workers’ circles was hard because she is so much older than the culprits…..thanks for posting this…..I can relate 2nd hand what you are going through……..the difference : they fired her eventually because she stuck up too many times for her self and refuted the allegations …….so….yeah….a co-worker threw her under the bus just to save face ……

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      #1 What are you talking about, first wife? I never knew you went through a divorce. Don’t answer me here, but you are gonna have to send me an email and bring me up to speed. hahaha

      #2 I hope I don’t get fired! hahaha It’s not that bad between us. Only a flare up here and there, and the other co-worker and I get along well except for when she tries to tell me what to do too. hahaha

      I did get let go from my last job. First time in my life. But that is b/c I held things in for two and a half years and finally came undone and walked away one day, and they really had no choice but to let me go. Now that lady was HARD to work with, and I should have left long before the unraveling.

  • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I totally did this with my bosses wife not that long ago. They have two addresses, the PO box where most of the stuff goes, and the Accounting address, which is their home because they want to get the checks faster (we all work from home). Anyway, my boss noticed on a form I use that it had the home address and not the PO box and mentioned it – and so I mentioned that I was sorry and would change it,but since we published both addressed I just wasn’t aware that it was an issue.

    I assumed it was over. I changed the address and didn’t give it another thought.

    Until the wife emailed me a page long email about how I was using a form with the wrong letterhead and how this and how that and blah blah blah.

    I took a few minutes. Read the email again and went Nope.

    And shot back an email with the dates of each time I followed up with her about the new letterhead for my form. GOING BACK THREE YEARS.

    Needless to say she was apparently pissed, but the form I had been waiting on from her (FOR THREE YEARS) I had in my hand with in a few days… with the correct address! 🙂

    Sorry, this was long, but don’t even attempt to challenge me when it is a non-issue. I’m like you, there will be dates and times listed when I respond to your email!

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      Like you, I only respond in kind. Had she approached me differently, I would have responded differently. But some people just like to point out the mistakes to make sure they are still #1.

      Me….when I train someone, like I am doing now, I don’t say — you’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong. I say, dude I get it, I had to be told five hundred times how to do this before I got all the little steps down, so let me show you step by step. And even when it might be the tenth time, I remain friendly and helpful and spell it all out again trying to help her see the association I made to make it stick in my mind.

      Tax season, you have a million things coming at you, and you want to do the best job you can, and it is damn hard to remember all the freaking steps. The last thing you need is someone trying to make you look bad or feel stupid.

      Plus, the other chick doesn’t know it, but I have a raise waiting for me on the other side of tax season, so I have even more reason not to take it lying down. hahaha

  • Terry Schenck

    I’m just excited for you that you like where you work now…….you are a “Double Direct ” kind of worker …. Always moving forward and getting things accomplished ….that asset is valuable all by itself :):):)

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