My Slow Warming to iStuff

It seems I was destined to learn how to own and operate iStuff.

Many moons ago, I received a hand me down iPod from my niece.

Granted she wasn’t so happy about it at the time.

She wasn’t using it, so off to Aunt Lisa it goes, cuz Aunt Lisa most likely was never going to buy one for herself.

It took me a while to learn how to use it, and then I fell, and have stayed, in love with it.

Then one Christmas two of my previous bosses gave me an iPad.

I was moved and very grateful.

I was just learning how to use it when tragedy struck a young girl from the small town where I went to high school and college.

I didn’t know her, but I knew the people who knew her, so I wanted to help.

She lost everything in a fire, to include her family.

I can’t even imagine what that must have felt like.

I didn’t have money, but I had an iPad and I knew people, so I collected as much stuff from others as I could, and I added my iPad and Christmas gift certificates to the mix.

And that was my last tangle with iStuff until recently.

My cell phone company offered me a free iPhone if I would sign a 2 year contract.

That wasn’t hard for me to do since I have been with this said carrier for a good twenty years now.

One small problem, my sis and bro-in-law live in California.

And this is a problem, because they were my go to technical peeps.

Under normal circumstance, I would head over to their house on a Sunday, spend the day with them, and become educated on any new technology.

I am not a reader when it comes to technology.

Just the thought of it puts me to sleep.

I am not a click this and see what happens type of learning either, unless I click something by accident and taa daa!!

I am a visual learner, show me, be it a couple of time, and I am all over it!

So I went a hunting on youtube….how do you use an iPhone?



Loving my iPhone now!!

Should you have an iPhone and need a couple of tips….check these out…

Basic Introduction to your iPhone

Apple iPhone Guided Tour Part 1

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Apple iPhone Guided Tour Part 3

iPhone 4s Tips and Tricks #1

iPhone 4s Tips and Tricks #2

iPhone 4s Tips and Tricks # 3


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