Hell No!

Disclaimer: Under normal circumstances both of my bosses will speak with clients, either by phone or in person, until the cows come home.

The closer we get to tax day, the more Grrrrr things get.

Clients fail to realize that there are one thousand ‘I just need a moment’ request each day, on top of all of us working to get everyone’s tax returns processed in a timely manner.

Thirty minutes of my life yesterday emailing with my boss about just one of these many clients.

**Names have been changed to protect the pain in the butt, I mean, client. **

Me:  Ms. Smith is here.  Do you have a moment to meet with her?

My boss:  Hell no!

Me:  I told her you were on a conference call and could not come down.   Can you meet with her in 45 minutes or an hour from now?

My boss:  Ask her what she wants………….she is a pest.

**I had already spent twenty minutes with the client, as she would not take my word for it, I could not answer her questions.**

Me:  She had a few questions, why does she owes taxes, will she need to make estimated tax payments this year, why did you apply her federal credit to next year’s estimated taxes b/c she’s poor, why is the invoice so high, and a whole slew of other questions that I couldn’t answer.

She’s running errands in the area and wants to pop back in to meet with you for a few minutes.  I tried to tell her how busy you were, conference call now, client site this evening, booked tomorrow with meetings.   Her cell # is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

I guarantee you that she will come back whether or not you call.  Just a heads up if you come down here.

My boss: I’ll meet with her when she returns.

Me:  She’ll be here at 3:45.

I had a similar exchange with my other boss regarding another client I spent thirty minutes on the phone with, because she kept calling back.

His response, “Just hang up on her!!”

To which I replied, “I can’t just hang up on her, she’s a client.”

His response, “I’ll talk to her, and I’ll show you how to get off the phone real quick.”

Guess who was on the phone with the said client for a good thirty minutes himself? hahaha

Gotta love tax season!


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