Would You Like Cream and Sugar With That?

I might have found a work place that I can call home.

I love working for a small firm and being in close working relationships with the owners.

Me, I thrive in a family-ish like setting, even with the squabbles, versus a big corporate scene.

You know you have arrived when you can borrow the boss’s car.

It was Tuesday and I had been chauffeured into work by one of my bosses (who’s car I would never ask to borrow because he’s not a sharer) due to the weather, and I was going on my second day without my morning mocha frap.

So I thought, what the hell, and asked my other boss, Um, may I borrow your car to go to Starbucks?

Sure, grab me a cup of coffee too.

Now, the whole time I was driving his Lexus, I was praying like all get out, Dear God, pleeeease don’t let anything happen to his car just because I wanted a mocha frap!!!

Plus, driving his car was like a tank compared to driving my car.  Very disorienting.


But as I was driving safely back, I recalled all of the really nice cars that I got to drive while working for another small firm, who I was with for about ten years total.

I didn’t even have to ask to borrow their cars, I just did a lot of errands and will you help me out with this, that and the other for them.

They are still my favorite bosses by far, because they really put the F in work family.

Anyway, driving back, I had the thought, even in the middle of a busy tax season, that maybe just maybe this is where I can be and grow for many years to come.

Of course my boss asked me yesterday if I would swing by his house and pick up his dog and bring him back into work with me when I ran out for an errand.


Sorry.  I had to draw the line.  Big basset hound in my itty bitty S2000 is a little too close for comfort for this cat lady.

But I did offer to buy him a cup of coffee while I was out!!!



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