Jack of All Trades Turns Master of Some

So work is going pretty well.

I am being exposed to more than I ever wanted to know, and I am holding my own.

When I first came on board they had assured me that I would learn a lot working for them.

I didn’t know that meant I would have my hands in everything.

But you know, my hands look kinda good in everything.

The new guy (really an older man) still kinda creeps me out.

But he’s a lot like me, in that you need a process and everything needs to be neat and organized.

I admire that part.

He came to me the other day and said, Since you are the manager of this whole process, is there a way to also document the process in the system that would make it easier for you (read: allow me to be able to ask you) to know who’s got what where when and why?

I was like, Yes, there is a way, but hell no, it is not happening this tax season!  I already have enough on my plate working within the established system and tweaking it for the better along the way.

He hasn’t asked me anything since.

Which is great because he is one of those people who invades my personal space by getting a little too close to me when he talks.

I want to say, Back the Truck Up!

But he’s new and all and I don’t want to make him feel unwelcome, so I recoil instead.

I don’t recoil often, but when I do, it means buddy, you be too close for comfort and you must be blind if you cannot read my body language.

Now one of my bosses is a true delight to work with, and he’s the one I least expected to get all organized and neat.

His favorite thing, I bought a stamp that says Received (with a place to write the date) to stamp all tax document packages that come through the door.

Whenever he gets something, anything, he grabs that stamp and stamps the package with meaning stating, Hell Yeah! You Have Just Been Received!

And when I run the statements, for any of the really overdue ones, he grabs the Past Due stamp and exclaims, Hell Yeah! Please pay your bill!

It works too.  We have received many checks to quickly pay accounts in full.

Clients seem to like me also, and I get pulled into way too many email and phone conversations that I really don’t need to be involved in.

My one boss will email a client and not include me because I really don’t need to be included, and 75% of the time the client pulls me in by cc’ing me on their reply to him.

That’s what they get for attaching my name all over the place when they rolled out the new system earlier this year.

But the same said boss is now warming up to me, and I am getting lots of perfect, perfect, perfect replies from him regarding how I am handling things.

My other boss, well I am included on everything of his, and his clients tend to just come to me and I extract whatever information is needed from him and then pass it on.


And that is how this little piggy is becoming a jack of all trades turned master of some.

And enjoying the process along the way.

But then again, it is only February 23.

Let’s see how this little piggy feels in a month from now.


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