Granny’s Gonna Be A Warrior Pigeon!!

Granny’s going to teach Aerial Yoga.


I am in talks with the owner of the studio that I started going to this year.

The studio is considering offering training and reached out to me since I expressed interest.

I hope it works out because this is my favorite studio!

It has everything that I want AND it has more of a mainstream yoga vibe about it.

Because although I have been dabbling in yoga for a good while now, I still only know what downward facing dog means.

You start calling out warrior poses, pigeon poses or….nothing else comes to mind at present, and I am like….Hmmm, which warrior is that again?  I want to be a warrior pigeon!!

You do it, and I can do it.

Except for the split, I am still searching for a way to become one with my split-y-ness.

But you call it by its yoga name and I am stumped until I see what everyone else is doing and then boom, I assume the position and hold it until I see what is next.

It makes yoga more exciting this way.

That’s why when I was offered a teaching gig last year, without as much training as I would like, I shied away from it. Twice.

God knows, I don’t want to be teaching people if I don’t know what the hell I am doing.

And yeah, I’d be cussing as a teacher.

My class would be called, This Is F*@#!ing Flying Yoga!

Just kidding.

But I don’t want to be like, Dude, it’s called the pretzel.  Oooommmm.  Become one with the pain and I’ll be right back as I run out into the hall, Can someone help me?  I can’t get my student unstuck and she’s been hanging upside down for ten minutes!!!

So, the ball is in their court.

And I am still waiting for the pictures.

Perhaps they haven’t sent the pictures yet because they don’t want Granny to get discouraged?


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