What? I Am A Good Girl.

I observe people all the time.

Unfortunately it just comes naturally.

I say unfortunately, because it can drive you bonkers trying to see things from everyone else’s point of view while you are just being you while trying to make sure that no one feels uncomfortable.

And I do this because I care about other people’s feelings.

I am playful by nature.

It doesn’t matter to me whether you are young or old, male or female, family, friend or foe (because I will try to win you over until I  finally realize that it is a lost cause).

When I am in my natural state, I just want to have fun, joke around, keep things light and play.

But being single in a married and couples world, I am aware of people’s unspoken reaction to me.

Whether it is simply based on a visual assessment, or a verbal exchange, I am reading the situation.

I am also working it out on my side, as best as I am able, on how to make this a good exchange for all involved.

But being a female, I try really hard to establish a connection with the other female first, so that she won’t feel threatened by me in any way.

After all, I personally don’t like feeling jealous.

Therefore, I am not going to try to make another feel jealous on purpose.

Plus, I am not after anyone who is already taken.

Karma so doesn’t roll good if you go that way.

I get lots of little and big gifts and “special” treatment from men and women alike…because I usually give first.

Whether it is a friendly exchange, hey I want to know your name, or a you totally make my day brighter.

Or a I’ll buy you a cup of coffee when I run out, I want to share one of the muffins I just bought for the office even though you don’t work with me, or a small and thoughtful gift just because.

Bottom line: You. Get. What. You. Give.

And if you were wondering, What? I am a good girl.

They really do exist.

Tune for the post ~ I’m a Good Girl (Burlesque Soundtrack) by Christina Aguilera


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