Granny’s A Weekend Warrior!

Granny, aka me, did rest up and then went to an Aerial Yoga Level 2 workshop yesterday!

Guess what?

Another photo shoot!

The owner hired a photographer to take pictures of the class for upcoming advertising.

Can we say Cheeeeese!

Of course, one day I will receive all these said pictures from both workshops, and at that point I will be able to determine if I am indeed on the right path or if I just have an amazing imagination.

But Granny has been thinking, they, whoever they are, say that it is good to workout at least 30 minutes a day.

Well with tax season and all, if I could cram all my workouts into intensive weekend workshops training, well then granny might be able to at least maintain what I have, and still have a shot at working on my summer belly goal on the other side of tax season!

my belly goal 2014

  (Summer Belly Goal.

Probably Will Never Happen.

But We Must Have Goals!)

Since I am picture less at the moment of my great yoga claims to fame, I borrowed some photos from the web to add visuals to my post.

These are some of the Aerial Yoga things that I am pretty good at (until proven otherwise)…

backward bend

aerial yoga handstand


Backward Leg Lift Bend

five star

But this, no way around it, I can bend every which way but loose, but for the life of me I don’t split well…


However, I was adventurous and tried this pose, the only one in the class to give it a try…


Once I got there I knew why no one else was game.

I had a panic attack because my muscles were fatigued from yesterdays partner yoga workshop and I was stuck, I mean holding the pose, until I caved and asked, Um, how the hell do I get out of this????

Once I got out, I did it again.

And again had to ask, Um, holy crap, I forgot. How the hell do I get out of this again????

You can cuss in Aerial Yoga.

And that’s all she wrote.  Granny’s sore and got to go to work now.

But with twinkle in the eye, there’s another partner yoga workshop coming up next weekend!

This time it is Acro as in acrobatics and they use up to three people in the pose.

As long as there is still room, my past photo shoots don’t show up and burst my bubble, and I make it through this week at work with a little bit of energy left for next Saturday….I am in!

Fingers crossed.  The only thing on me to cross that isn’t sore.


2 responses to “Granny’s A Weekend Warrior!

  • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Died laughing over the “I’m good at it until proven otherwise!” hahahahahaha. Yoga is one of the exercises that I struggle with, I have a belly (that is getting smaller), but all of those moves that should be soft and fluid, well, it takes me 3 choppy moves to get to the same position! But, I am so glad that you are having fun – and aerial yoga looks so cool!

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