I Could Have Done It All Night Long! *click*snap*flash*

Partner or acrobatic yoga that this.

I went to my second partner yoga class/workshop yesterday.

My last class was at least five years ago.

Guess what?

Grandma’s still got it!

I say grandma, because the average age of the students of this new studio has got to be 28, max.

I showed up for class only to be told that I would be front and center and being used as the example.

That’s what happens when you don’t have a partner.

I was happy to see that all of the people who had signed up for the class were couples, because that is so something I’d want to do with someone I was in a relationship with.

And those dudes raked in mucho Valentine’s Day Weekend points with their girls, I can tell you that!

Being up front with the owners, who are married, of the studio worked out in my favor too, because guess who is on a first name basis with the owners of the joint now?!

I partnered with both of them at different times, but mainly with the totally muscular twice plus my weight partner, that gave me such a workout that my legs and arms were often shaking, as I had to support his weight by counteracting it with mine, while using my very little muscles.

They helped me, and the others, to capture some of my favorite moments in a long time, because they took pictures throughout the class of everyone.

I am hoping my poses look as good in print as they did in my head.

At the end of class we were doing some extra throw ins, just want to see what you can do Lisa stuff.

I was game.

You’ve got to get a picture of this!


Now try this Lisa.  Oh wow, get a picture of this one too!!!


Ok, I want to see if you can do this one last thing.


Beautiful, Lisa.


I could have done it all night long!!

These are the teachers/owners I partnered with…..



It was the best class ever!!

Like I said, I hope the pictures they took in class came out just as nice so I can share them here once I get them.

Until then, Grandma’s gotta rest!


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