Checking In

I wanted to check in with you both.  I enjoy my job and the diversity of my position, and I truly am working just as hard now, as I was during the past fall mini tax season.

This portal roll out/gathering tax docs and keeping it straight is very time-consuming when you add up all the little steps, the learning on your feet curve, and handling all the clients who need help, on top of everything else that I need to do.

I am not complaining, and I can do this.

I just want you to know that I am working hard, and will continue to do so, since I prefer wowing my employers with what I can do for them.


That’s the email I sent my bosses yesterday at 5am before I went into work.

Because once I am done kinda joking about it here, I like to go back to the source and open a dialog as best as I am able with my bosses, not my co-workers.

One thing that I have noticed, co-workers tend to bitch amongst themselves.

Guess what?

That is gonna solve nothing real fast, and fester more resentment amongst the group.

I am a great listener, and that is all I do when a co-worker comes to me to complain.

Now me personally, if I were complaining about something and someone else wasn’t joining in on the bash, I would zip it real quick.

But me personally, if I hear myself complaining a little too much to the people who I trust, all I can think is, Dude, I don’t even like listening to you.   Find a better way.

Well my bosses took very kindly to my email, and each came to talk to me.  They asked that I continue to check in with them, because I do believe that is something they are not accustomed to.

And although I look young enough to be one of their daughters, they each have found sly ways to ask me my age and now know that I am only ten or so years younger than them and have been known to be smart every now and again after I have processed the emotions on my side on my own.


I shared that I get just as frustrated that I can’t do everything under the sun at once too, because I love being superwoman.

After our pow wows and regaining our footing as being one big happy understanding there’s a party going on up in this joint team again, we all got very productive.

Plus I think the anticipated pending mother of a snow storm that I was feverishly praying for helped a bit too.

On my end, I did save the day and get the financials done, checks deposited, payroll covered, tax returns out the door, alongside chatting it up with way too many clients via phone, email and in person helping them with tax and portal questions.

My point(s) is… (a) complaining solves nothing if that is all that you are gonna do about it, (b) it is very sad that all I have to talk about is work right now,  and (c) this will only last for a little while and then I’ll have to check in again. hahaha

Tune for Today (which may be way different from the tune for tomorrow, but being here now and all) ~ Happy by Pharrell Williams  So love this song!


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