Hello God, It’s Me Again. I Think You Misunderstood.

You have seriously got to be careful what you ask for, because mama got an assistant, it’s called overtime.

It is an experience working for two 50/50 owners, aka two bosses of a company, when they are complete opposites.

A few days ago I asked if I could start working overtime, or else, in my opinion, we would be done for.

My opinion should matter since I am the only admin person who magically produces, oh just about everything.

Granted I am an organized control freak, the likes of which they have never seen, and sometimes they honestly don’t know whether they love me or hate me.

Well I was chastised for asking such a silly question; after all, it was way too early for me to start pulling in overtime money.

That was how boss man #1 was looking at it, and I can understand that, me pulling in OT money versus me putting in OT hours and getting this show on the road.

Two days later, boss man #2 pulled rank, as in the second to have a say and since his stuff was being pushed to the side for boss man #1’s deadline, he gave me the green light for OT and a hit the gas will you lady?!

So now I am praying that it snows like a mother later today/tomorrow so I can stay home and wrap my head around….well first I have got to find my head.

And then, I’ve got to figure out a better way to pray.

Hello God, it’s me again.  I think you misunderstood.



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