Ask For What You Want. Come On, Mama Needs an Assistant!

Yesterday morning as I was packing my bag for yoga class, I remember thinking, God, I need a new sweatshirt.

My favorite clothes are sweats and yoga pants, and tanks and sweatshirts.

I am all about comfort.

Plus, if I can “look fit” it somehow makes me feel a little more fit.

Even though as each day passes, I become more and more convinced that this getting fit during tax season is a losing battle just waiting to happen.

It has been a long time since I have gotten a new sweatshirt, so I was beyond surprised and moved when a co-worker gave me a present yesterday.

My present, a beautiful pale yellow Palm Springs, California zip up hoodie that she bought for me while she was in California last week visiting her sister.

And we are talking niiiiiice, cost money sweatshirt.

I was very touched and grateful for my gift.

It kinda made up for the fact that the co-worker who broke her arm, who is the go to person in the firm, who won’t give me her second microwave, has to have surgery….this Friday.

Hello stepping up my second in command go to person training that I didn’t know I signed up for.

She seemed kinda way too happy to me for someone who was going in for surgery.

It definitely made up for the fact that my oblivious to what I do boss seriously asked me what I did all day that I couldn’t get his produce from scratch, which I have never done until now and I am learning way more about Word than I ever wanted to know, financials done.

With my mouth agape, I honestly had to ask him, You’re kidding me, right?!

It took me an hour and fifteen minutes of Ariel Yoga, a stiff margarita and snuggling up in my brand new pretty sweatshirt to let that one go.

So this morning, as I prepare to go into work and do nothing else until those financials are done, so each their own until I am done, and would someone else please get that damn phone, I am gonna try it again….

God, I need help.  Come on, mama needs an assistant! 

PS ~ I’ll even buy my boss a bag of apples and “feed” them to him today…..

Apple Shared by Go Out And Play on fb

(Shared by Go Out And Play on Facebook)


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