Roughing It In 2014

It is kinda rough…. untitled
living without a microwave!

I haven’t needed to own a microwave for sometime because the places I have lived had one, either built-in or provided.

Well, my new place doesn’t have one.

I have all brand new appliances, even managed to get a brand new washer and dryer, but alas no microwave.

There really is no room for one, that’s why I haven’t rushed out to get one.

That and one of my co-workers has two for some reason and she was going to give me one.

However, that was before I got miffed with her that one day about putting my name on all of the emails going out to clients, unbeknownst to me, until the massive flood of calls came in asking for yours truly to help them.

We’ve moved beyond that, but not in a hey here’s that second microwave that I am not using that I would love for you to have kinda way.

But this weekend, after going without for a month and a half, I think I am finally going to have to cave and buy the smallest microwave I can find.

I’ll even put it away in the pantry when I am not using it.

Because I gotta tell you, it is very time-consuming recreating meals every night on the stove/in the oven.

Plus I gotta keep washing lots of dishes!

I honestly don’t know how moms, or dads, do it all each night!

And I really miss my occasional eating popcorn, sipping a coke on the rocks, as I recline on the couch, reading a book chill sessions too.

Plus I am pretty sure, if you own a microwave, “roughing it” could make you look like this instead….



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