The Perfect Ending to a Holy Crap It’s Monday!

Wow.  What a day.  Yesterday was only the beginning of what I can expect over the next 10 ½ weeks.

It kinda makes you wanna cry.

And those would not be tears of joy.

If only everyone else in the joint was as anal as me, then this would be a piece of cake.

I thought the prerequisite to being an accountant was: you must be freakishly controlling and crazy organized and function best with a step-by-step process in place that everyone and their brother must follow.

There is one rule though.  At least for one dude.

No swearing.

Seriously, he has post-it notes everywhere to remind him.

I went to his desk one day and said, “Dude, no matter what, no f*%$ing swearing, ok?!

He wasn’t amused.

I received a letter over the weekend from my new health insurance stating that I needed to pick a plan that WAS IN my coverage area or else I would be cancelled.

I had to change when I moved.

When I originally signed up, I had gone directly to THEIR site and chose from the options THEY provided me based on my zip code.

It took them a month to even send me the Oh crap, we are going to cancel you letter even though we haven’t officially accepted you yet but we sure as heck took your freaking money!

I was on live chat yesterday to try to resolve it, because over the last month I have never been able to get through by phone, only to be dropped from the live chat three times because it timed out every time the rep said, “Give me a moment while I check on this for you.”

I think that is their go to when they don’t have a clue how to help you.  If they wait long enough, the call/chat will be dropped, and they can do it, I mean, move on to the next person.

I am going to try to resolve this again today.

I am already pissed just thinking about it.

Then there’s this race that I really want to do, it’s a 10k that I have done with friends a few times that is usually at the end of March, beginning of April.

I missed it last year, and this year it falls on my birthday, so it would be really cool to pull it off and welcome my new year in with….Hello 43, I think I will keel over and die now!

But after yesterday, I don’t even know if I could crawl my way through it.

I am still thinking about it.

The upswing of my day, when I got home yesterday, I was greeted with a gift waiting for me at my front door.

Turns out, my little nephew is not a liar.

Please see this post to get up to speed ~ Hey Bubba! What Did You Get Me?

My sister sent me this mug….



Heather and Lisa

We are Sisters

Same Blood…..Different Planets!

She the brunette and I am the blonde.

Kinda funny, growing up, she was the blonde and I was the brunette.

She had it personalized and the hair color chosen on purpose and was thrilled out of her gourd with the We Are Sisters!

However she was mortified when she received the mug and saw Same Blood…..Different Planets!

False advertising, that WAS NOT on the page when she placed the order, according to her.

Me personally, I found it funny.

Cuz we are from different planets.

She’s married.  I am not.  She’s got kids.  I don’t.  I have tattoos.  She doesn’t.  (Although once upon a time I almost had her agreeing to get one.)  I have piercings. She doesn’t.  (I have never been able to sell this one to her, but I think my niece might be a taker one day.)

But the long story short is…..this was the perfect way to end my day.

A little surprising loving from my BFF.

She even addressed the package to Miss Lisa.

Is she a great sister, or what?

And Heather, the margarita that I drank out of that mug last night, to die for and righted all the wrongs of the day!

Thank you for the perfect ending to my Holy Crap It’s Monday, dude.

PS ~ I am drinking lots of coffee this morning out of that same Sistas mug!  Even though I am extremely offended by the Same Blood…..Different Planets! reference.  hahaha


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