Calling All Office Workers, There Is Nothing Worse Than…

Every day I go into work it is an adventure.

I have yet to be bored because every day I show up someone comes to me and says, I need you to help me with this.

There is no question as to whether or not I can help, they automatically assume I can, and therefore I can, cuz who wants to disappoint?

But I gotta tell you, there is nothing worse than someone quickly trying to walk you through something on the computer so that you can help them.

Because when they say click such and such, well their eyes are looking directly at such and such while you are skimming the whole freaking screen analyzing all of the data trying to find the such and such to click.

Remember when I said there is nothing worse than….well, I lied.

Of all the things I am doing now, there is one thing that I do not have to do.

I.  Do. Not. Have. To. Scan.

There is nothing worse than scanning massive amounts of documents in all shapes and sizes.  That has got to be the most mind numbing thing ever.

I like action.  I like variety.  I even like holy hell everyone and their brother needs your help with something in this moment in time AND the damn phone is ringing.

But scanning, well thank the heavens we have hired someone else to do this.

I was even kind enough to install the scanner on her computer yesterday, you know, taking it upon myself to make 100% sure that this was going to be all her.

Give me your financial statements to format, give me your bills to pay, give me your efiles to submit, even give me your creepy old man clients who try to pick me up over the phone and I am in.  A little scared, but in.

One last there is nothing worse than to keep with the theme, because every time I think I have topped it, I remember something else.

This one is a biggie.

There is nothing worse than trying to get into shape than trying to get into shape during tax season (or “the busy season” if you work in another field).

Lucky for me, and you, there is such a thing as Office Yoga.

For as long as I can remember I have tried to find ways to do “fitness” things at work when my body needed to be in motion.

I hop on the counter in the kitchen when I need to get something off of the top shelf.  I stand on one leg while talking on the phone.  I walk up the three flights of stairs to deliver a message that I could have buzzed through the phone.  I carry file boxes from place to place.  I sit crossed leg in my chair, straddle it like a horse, or bend over and touch my toes when I need to stretch.

It’s called making do with what you’ve got at hand to get tension and stress out and balance, flexibility and rejuvenation in.

Because like I said, there is nothing worse than, well I better just stop or we will be here all day.

May you have visions of this chick stuck in your head, so that you too will find ways to add more movement in your office worker day…





2 responses to “Calling All Office Workers, There Is Nothing Worse Than…

  • Jnana Hodson

    Now there’s a blog topic that should get tons of responses … having everyone suggest the most mind-numbing office activity. And that’s even before you open it up to factory workers, farmers, sales clerks …

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      How right you are! That would be quite interesting, and most likely make most of us grateful for our own mind-numbing office activities versus what others have going on. I have thought about factory workers and sales clerks and their days before, but never farmers. Something to think about.

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