Officer, I’d Like To Plead The Fifth.

Yesterday, I drag raced my way into work.

I didn’t mean to, it just kinda happened.

I think it was a byproduct of not being able to drive much of last week due to the snow.

I was sitting at a red light when a dude in a muscle car pulled up on my left and proceeded to make a whole bunch of noise with his car.

I wasn’t really paying attention because I was more concerned about how I was going to get three lanes over to the right, so I could take a back way to work.

The light turned green and boom……


I smoked the dude!

It was involuntary.


Honestly Officer, I didn’t mean to. It just kinda happened.

Luckily there wasn’t a cop around because I am still sporting plates from my former state of residence and nothing puts you on the radar faster than being an out-of-stater, add to the mix being a complete moron in a brightly colored car, and you are done for!

One positive thing this dude helped me with, lo and behold, I was able to get across three lanes to the right to make my turn because everyone else stayed back to watch our dumbass spectacle.

For the record, we weren’t crazy speeding, just pacing each other.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

And that was the highlight of my day.

Because once I got to work, well let’s just say I am seriously considering changing my name.

Tax Season has begun and we are temporarily down two peeps.

One slipped and fell this past Friday evening, broke her arm and will be out for the week, and one is in California visiting her sister who has terminal cancer, and she is not expected to make it through the year.

Very sad on both fronts.

So for the time being that leaves me wearing a couple more hats, one of which is tech guru of the office.

Kinda scary, I know.

But I am holding my own, and even impressed with knowing stuff I didn’t know I know but know because the situation calls for it.

But that damn phone, I am so close to changing my name.

Phone rings.  I answer. Is this Lisa?

That depends.  Are you friend or foe? 

And what exactly did the email say that “I” sent you.

That is why I couldn’t make it to my first SURFSET® & Sand at Crunch class last night.

I never had a chance to call to see if there was room, let alone google directions.

Lucky for me though there was a last-minute drop out for the Aerial Yoga class that I quickly snagged up, right before I raced out the door to hang upside down to try to make sense of….how to survive tax season two people downish while answering that damn phone.

I am still thinking.

But I did learn a valuable lesson yesterday.

Seize the thrill when it presents itself!

I mean.

Under no circumstance should I ever drag race a dude on my way into work again.

Officer, I’d like to plead The Fifth.


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