Trust Me. This Pains Me More Than It Will Pain You To See.

Now I am on a mission.

I must get fit.


Because you get to a certain point and then you go one of two ways.

Give in and hang it up.


Get to share some awesome after pictures!!

Check these out….

before and after 1

before and after 3


I want an awesome after picture!!!

So that means I must share a before picture.

My before.  Squishy loveable me with a teeny weeny bit of ab definition almost invisible to the naked eye:

My Belly Before

My Side Belly Before

See.  I told you, this pains me more than it will pain you to see.  I can’t even face the camera.

Sad news on the Aerial Yoga and Barre front tho, there is a wait list.

Um. I don’t have time to wait.

These people need to wise up and offer these classes more than once a week so poor much needy people like me can get their fitness on!

But have no fear, I found another class that I have long wanted to try….SURFSET® & Sand at Crunch.


That’s right, surfing in a class!

Check out this video ~ SURFSET® & Sand at Crunch.

Fingers crossed they have room!

And this is why I don’t belong to any one gym, because I like variety and dropping in here and there for a different experience.

Plus, if I embarrass myself too badly, no one will ever remember my face. hahaha

Surf’s Up Dude!

PS ~ They have things like this too….but let’s be realistic…..



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