Wanna Meet Me At The Barre?

With January coming to a close, I am pleased to announce that I kept up with my New Year’s Resolution – making friends with winter!

Oh wait a minute.  I just reread my goal.

Goal #1 (my one and only goal thus far for the year):  I will make friends with winter AND my summer body will thank me.

Damn.  I forgot the second part!

I kinda got lost in this…

Julia Child from Eat, Drink & Be Social on fb

I love food.

I love wine or a good margarita too.

So for argument’s sake I am making friends with winter, however, I have been busy with getting my comfort on and my summer body is less than pleased, kinda pissed if the truth be known.

Enter Dr. Oz to the rescue….”When it comes to fitness, one of the biggest complaints I hear is that there isn’t a quality at-home core workout available. To fix this, I brought in Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3 Fitness Studios.”

Check out these awesome five-minute, very doable, and appropriate for men and women videos: barre3

“Barre3 offers fun, easy and innovative workouts that can be done from the comfort of your home. Give one a try today!”

It is like ballet meets yoga meets practical stretching that can be done anywhere by anyone.

A friend had given me the heads up about the barre workout program because she thought it was right up my alley.  Boy was she right!

I am going to utilize the videos Dr. Oz and Sadie Lincoln were kind enough to share.

The studio that I went to for Aerial Yoga also offers Barre.

When I originally read about the class description it kinda intimidated me….

BARRE:  Stretch and strengthen your hips, abs, thighs and glutes with intense interval training. This challenging workout leans and lengthens like no other!  Experience: Varies with each teacher and always set to heart thumping music.

I underlined and bolded the parts I found intimidating.

But I have a new 2014 visual goal to help me move outside of my comfort zone and into one of these intense, challenging, and always set to heart thumping music barre classes…

My Belly Goal 2014

my belly goal 2014

Plus, I’ll take these buns….


And these arms…..


And this flexibility too!


But most of all, I really want that belly.

Wanna meet me at the barre?


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