Dry Skin Be Gone!

Winter wreaks havoc on my skin, particularly my hands.

Add to the mix that I probably wash my hands at least twice every hour and my hands are done for.

But I rarely get sick, so there is incentive to continue my habit.

I also handle a lot of paperwork and that seems to zap the remaining moisture right out of my hands.

They become red, irritated, dry and cracked.

So not pretty.

I googled it ~ How do you heal dry cracked hands?

Why I never thought to do that before, I’ll never know.

I came across this article which was a good read ~ Prevent and Soothe Chapped Winter Hands

I read some other articles too and here are my secret weapons:

Secret Weapon #1


Secret Weapon #2

cetaphilYou should be able to find both at your local grocery store or pharmacy if you are like me and need to say Dry Skin Be Gone!

And for the record, my hands now are all dewy, soft and normal looking.  Woo Hoo!


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