The Little Matchbox Car That Could!

I feel like I have been grounded for a week.

Like I did something so terrible, S2000 in the snow and meekly have to be taken from place to place like a scolded child who has been stripped of her freedom.

Snow hit our area on Tuesday, and I got my car home safely mid-morning that day…
and I haven’t driven it since.

My car is not designed for snow.

Add in the hills are alive, aka there are huge hills everywhere I turn, and it is not something that I could stubbornly attempt even if I wanted to.

So I have been playing musically rides, being picked up and dropped off by various co-workers.

On a positive note, now no one at work can think I am making it up when I say, They seriously don’t plow the roads in my area.  I can’t even get my car out of the garage!

I think my boss thought I was making it up until he drove me home one night.

Because ever since then he has asked, Do you need a ride?  Can you get home?  Do you have a way in tomorrow?

On the flip side, my other boss was like, Well if you didn’t have a matchbox of a car you’d be able to drive in this.

To which I thought, Just because you can’t fit in my car doesn’t mean you can dish on it.

I am all of 5 feet tall.  So my car makes me feel like a real grown up!  Plus, it is hot.

In his defense, he’s probably 6’2” and I am pretty sure he couldn’t even get a leg in, hence the matchbox car reference from the grumpy giant who really isn’t grumpy but was trying to come up with something clever to say.

Come to think of it, I am going to ask him for a ride home next time.  And we will see how well his “normal” size car handles it.

I have also gained about 5 pounds in these last few days.

Each morning one of my rides stops at a coffee shop, and it is not Starbucks.

I have adjusted quite well and have been drinking a morning Mocha latte.

But I have come to the conclusion that it takes my body more energy to process my normal cold drink, Mocha Frap no matter how cold it is outside, than it does to process a hot Mocha latte.

So I haven’t been burning as many calories as I normally do, and as a result, I have gained at least 5 pounds.

That’s my logic anyway, and I am sticking to it.

On a positive note Me 2014 since I am always seeking something positive to say and this one tops the list, one of the clerks called me Miss.

I didn’t get the full Miss Lisa because I am not a regular, but I did get called a genuine Miss by a young lady half my age, and no, she wasn’t just being nice.


I seriously consider continuing my affair with the non-Starbucks coffee shop once I got my wheels back to achieve the Lisa part of Miss Lisa, but it is not worth gaining another 5 pounds for.

My ego was seriously torn, but body trumps….well body just trumps.

So today, freedom will ring as I stuff my 5 more pounded body into my matchbox of a car and drive directly to my beloved Starbucks without passing go or collecting $200, which would be nice to use to pay for the Frap, as I proceed to make it into work all on my own this morning!!

The Little Matchbox Car That Could…..that’s how I roll, once the snow has melted and the ice is gone and the roads have been treated and…..well, that’s just how I roll!

Guess what?

I heard it is supposed to snow again tomorrow



My life is great.  There just is no way around it!


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