Hey Bubba! What Did You Get Me?

So, I got to talk to my sis last week.

She was at the pool with her three kids.

One was swimming, one was getting ready to start a swimming lesson and one was trying his best to slip me inside information.

My nephew is 2 ½ and unfortunate for me, I am not well versed in 2 ½ year old talk.

Throw a phone into the mix and I am all like, Huh??

Don’t get me wrong, he can talk like a champ.

I am just old and can’t hear well.

So he was just a talking and I heard something about they got me something.

Hold the presses!

Hey Bubba, what did you get me?

He obviously gave it away because I clearly heard my sister in the background, Dude, don’t tell her what we got her!!

Insert visual here……

Child with cell phone

I am pretty sure this is what he looked like, caught between me and his mom thinking…..hmm, what am I supposed to do?

So I threw him a life-preserver….Dude, I love you.

I love you too.

That I heard loud and clear.

I miss you.

Radio silence.

He was done with me and had passed off the phone.  I think it was just too much pressure for him.

I never did find out what they got me, and I haven’t received anything yet, so maybe he was lying.

Do 2 ½ year olds lie?

But he did get me off my duff.

I had bought my sister a can of magic beans that I needed to send to her.

Insert visual here…..


When we were young, I once ate a whole can and then promptly threw up said whole can….all over her brand new shoes.

My grandmother was a witness and reminds me of it often.

Probably because she’s the one who had to clean it up!

Ah.  Memories.

Anyway, my sister and I are the only ones who enjoy them so I sent her a can by mail as a surprise I am thinking of you and I miss you.

Why are they magic?

Because it costs me $10 to mail a $1 can of beans.

She got them, appreciated the gift AND she and my 2 ½ year old nephew ate the whole can yesterday.

FINALLY.  One of her kids really is family!

I haven’t been in contact with her today yet, so I am hoping little man didn’t throw them up!

On a serious note, if you ever want to surprise someone….send them something in the mail.

We don’t really get surprises in the mail anymore, so when they come, they are so much cooler!

Just a thought.

Oh, and all the cool people eat boiled peanuts.

You might want to try some!


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