I Am THAT Annoying Morning Person Who Makes Many Cringe

Not only am I OCD.

But I am that annoying morning person who is genuinely happiest at the beginning of each day.


How does one work with this happiness trait that few wish to tolerate?

Why play and joke, and hope it all turns out well when rolling it out on your bosses.

One of my bosses is going through a divorce, and although it is mutual, I have noticed that when I have to send a package to the lawyers, um, he can come across a bit gruff with his request.  Understandably so.

To lighten the mood I retort with a, Well damn.  Who woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

To which he replied, not me, why do you ask?

Probably because the other boss was around and no one wants to be pegged as the grumpy one in the office.

Me:  Oh, no reason. You are just like all…Courier.  Lawyer.  Grrrrr. (To which I lunge forward with claws out, teeth bared grrrrrring.)

The two of them proceeded to banter back and forth and the second boss man jumped on board with Yep, you are kinda grumpy.

This played out the rest of the day whenever the three of us were together and helped to make light of a not so light situation.

Fast forward a week.

Payback time.

The second boss man was coming across as grumpy and short.

To which I replied, you don’t have to be all grumpy just because you had to take the redeye flight back from Key West, FL last night while the rest of us have been here working and freezing our butts off.

(Background music….audible laughs, snorts and giggles coming from a few of the surrounding offices.)

The first boss man ready for his day in court aka who’s the grumpy man on campus now proceeded to haze the second boss man throughout the day in an effort to win back his I am the fun one all up in this joint crown.

Both times, all is well that ends well, especially when it is a lighthearted wakeup call.

The only problem for me is, these things spill out of my mouth no matter what once I am comfortable in my environment.

Lucky environment, huh? hahaha

Oh well, you are who you are, right?

And me, I am often pretty happy, upbeat and very much annoying.

Tune for the Post ~ Happy by Pharrell Williams


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