Leave No Papers Behind

First I’d like to say all is well that ends well.

Yesterday wasn’t so prickly after all.

Turns out my co-worker is like me, in that, we like each other and prefer to get along.

Of course, I steered clear of her most of the day, which is easy to do since I pretty much have the first floor all to myself.

We slowly began to interact when we needed to, and viola, we were helping each other and working nicely together again.

Venting really does the soul good when you are tweaked.

Not venting to the person you are at odds with, but venting somewhere else to get things off your chest without trying to instigate trouble with the person you are at odds with.

Well I did that on my blog yesterday because I am currently without a partner in crime to lay it all on, and my sister aka best friend now resides in a time zone three hours behind me.

I go to call her at lunch and think, Damn, she’s taking the kids to school!

I go to call her after work and think, Damn, she’s picking the kids up from school!!

I go to call her after dinner and think, Damn, now I am tired and she’s helping them do their homework and fixing their dinner!!!

So blogging allowed me to express my frustration and taa daa, I was able to let it go before showing up to work.

Now, I do have nice and gentle ways of getting my point across too.

When I first began working where I work now, let’s just say, it would break any good-natured OCD driven person in five minutes flat.

I had strong motivation to bloom where I was planted since I had previously been unemployed for a few (but very, very long feeling) months.

I do not recommend unemployment to anyone.  It is totally indescribable how awful it feels when you want and need to be employed.

But back to the topic at hand, I inwardly claimed the first floor as my domain and set about to straighten up my office space.

Over the months everyone in the office, one by one, would remark how clean, organized and totally spectacular the first floor was now, which is good because that is where the clients hang out.

A couple joked how they needed to take me home to get their house as organized, to which I replied, I am for hire.

Now, I had thirty years working against me.

The firm I work for has been in business for thirty years and at first I was overwhelmed with how do you teach a thirty year old dog new tricks?

Well me, I joke and play.

My new catch phrase became: Leave No Papers Behind.

I think it is the Marines who say, Leave No Man Behind.

So I became the Office Marine.

It took a little time, but now honest to God, all I have to say when someone is leaving my floor is Leave No Papers Behind with a smile and boom, now they just junk up the 2nd and 3rd floor instead.

I have begun to make my mark on the 2nd floor and a little on the 3rd floor, but I am pacing myself.

In five months, I have righted the wrongs of thirty years on the first floor.

Give me a year, and well, Leave No Papers Behind you cute little thirty year old dog who can learn new tricks like I knew you could.

Because I was born to surf this…..


And I can climb with the best of them…



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