Grrrrrr. Let. It. Go.

Yesterday my feathers got ruffled at work.

I wear a lot of hats at the place I work now.

Which I love!

I am the office manager, a personal assistant to one of the partners, and the only admin person who assists everyone in the office.  I am the meeter and greeter to all who grace our establishment AND I answer the damn phones.

Ok.  So the last one I am over every now and again!

We have been rolling out an electronic portal systems which is great.  What is not great is that my name is attached to every message that the clients receive.

Now I don’t mind wearing another hat, but what I do mind is not being briefed about what “I” am saying to clients prior to the calls coming in asking for clarity or help.

So yesterday after speaking with a client, I went to the source and stated out in the open – before you put my name on something, tell me about it and make sure I understand it so I can talk intelligently about the issue at hand.  Oh, and so it looks like we know what the hell we are doing as a firm.

Ok, so I didn’t really say that last part, but you could hear it in my voice.

Well my co-worker went on the defensive because she could hear the annoyance in my voice for the first time since I have worked there, and maybe because there was some common sense in what I was saying, and most definitely because when someone is irritated with you, you become irritated with them.  Gotta love human nature.

Soon after my boss and I were talking about it, again out in the open, because I wasn’t trying to stir up trouble but I had a valid point.

You see I am pretty easy to get along with, I don’t get annoyed easily, I aim to please and I don’t talk about people behind their back.  Or if I do, now, I make it a point to take it to the person directly shortly after to resolve it.

I believe in working as a team, seeing and talking about the good in others (aka to reinforce the behavior you desire), everyone getting along and things being said out in the open instead of multiple pow wows going on behind the scenes (which solves nothing, but divides, in my opinion).

My co-worker however, pulled another co-worker into her office and shut the door and blah, blah, blah.  She was doing what I have seen them do before, when the two of them were at odds.

But even though I recognized a known dynamics play out, because both of them have been there for many, many years….it still tweaked me!

I swear on my life, I could not let it go last night no matter how much I tried.

Me driving home, I was like a self-proclaimed cop signaling dumbasses who weren’t obeying the law and screwing up traffic.

Come to think of it, one of these days I am gonna get beat up.  Note to self: Do not give into road rage.  You are small and will snap like a twig if someone looks at you wrong.

I hung out with Jose last night and meditated on “It is 5 o’clock somewhere.”

What really upset me is…..I don’t like being at odds with people.  I don’t like division.  And now is not the time to be holed up in different camps.  I prefer camp everybody.

That being said, I know today will be a bit prickly.  It takes time to work through things.

I share my experience with you, in the hopes that you will pay more attention to the dynamics that play out in your work place, and to the best of your ability, you will work on being part of the solution versus creating more drama.

If that doesn’t work.

Just sit in your car (without driving it anywhere, because I have already demonstrated that does no good!) and……Grrrrr. Let. It. Go.

Sooner or later it has got to go!


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