Who’s Your Yoga Mama?

Me.  I’ve still got it!!

I can still claim to be a natural, made for this, Aerial Yoga chic!

I checked out the new local studio that I found offering Aerial Yoga this past Monday.

I had to keep answering, Yes, I am the one who has done aerial yoga before (with serious reservations that I didn’t share with them).

You see, I haven’t done any yoga in at least six months, let alone Aerial Yoga.

And for that reason, I sure as heck didn’t want to be telling people, yes I can do this and then leave them wondering, has she hit her head one too many times?

I am just not very good at lying, so I kept answering yes, and hoping like hell my inner monkey was on board.

It is a new studio and 99.9% of the students have never tried Aerial Yoga.

So the owner and two of the teachers were very interested in me because (a) they were excited to have someone who had already experienced Aerial Yoga before and (b) they were nervous to see how their class measured up against the other places I have been.

Needless to say, I became the example.

You just flip like this, but use control, and…..my abs got a great workout.  But they hate me because I don’t have any abs!

Once again I was in Aerial Yoga heaven wishing I could do it all day long and that I had a silk hammock at home.

And once again they have a work exchange program, and work exchange happens to be my middle name because yoga classes are expensive.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.  I received more exciting news from the old studio that I went to for Aerial Yoga, they are offering Flying Partner Acrobatic Yoga and Aerial Yoga workshops!

I’ve done the Flying Partner Acrobatic Yoga too, once, and guess who was a natural?

Sorry to be all I am such a natural, but honestly, this is my one and only claim to fame that seems to be sticking.

And in a couple of months I’ll be 43, so that is something to be all woot woot Who’s Your Yoga Mama about!!

Even if you have never done yoga before, a basic Aerial Yoga class enables you to experience deep stretching with the help of a hammock that keeps you stabilized and balanced.

With the help of a silk hammock, Downward Facing Dog and extended Plank Position….I say, bring it.  And so will you.

Check out these photos…..better yet….Try it you’ll like it.  Mikey does.

By the way, silk hammocks can hold up to 1000ibs+++.  So no reason not to try it.

Do something adventurous this year!

Aerial Yoga ~




Flying Partner Acrobatic Yoga ~





4 responses to “Who’s Your Yoga Mama?

  • CJ

    this looks so beautiful and peaceful. I’m pretty sure it won’t look that way when I try it. But you’ve convinced me, I’m going to try it.

  • Tamina's Turn

    I tried aerial yoga today. I was amazed at how much strength it required..it was not easy! Both my abs and arms got a major workout. How did you do — after not having been to yoga in 6 months?

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      That is so cool that you have done it! And it does take a lot of strength. My first class I was a goner until the cocoon part at the end, which is when I made blissful friends with it. hahaha Seriously, I loved it and it gave wings to the kid within like you talk about on your blog.

      I’ve been dabbling in yoga for probably ten years and I am naturally bendy (except for when it comes to splits) and I am pretty small, so I think all those things add up in my favor. Now I have tried the Aerial Silks, that is extremely hard in my book and I totally suck at that.

      I signed up for your blog and look forward to reading about your next adventure!

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