The Deep Freeze: Polar Vortexes Suck and What You Can Do About It!

Every winter for as long as I can remember, I have wondered such things like:

How on earth do birds stay warm flying around or sitting on a branch during a snow or freezing rain storm?

How can people survive in these kinds of elements all day and night, when I can barely make it ten minutes max?

If I am driving and I see a deer (or any animal for that matter), my first thought is Oh my God! How do you survive in this?

My second thought is Holy Shit! Please don’t run out in front of my car.

If I pass people waiting for a bus, walking because they have to or huddled somewhere for reasons that I probably could never understand because I haven’t had their life experiences….well, my heart just gets heavy.

I don’t like the cold.

Not only because I don’t care for it personally, unless I am having fun and outside on purpose, but because I really feel for anyone or anything that is left out in the cold.

So I’ll do what I do most years.

I am going to ask you to please go through your clothes and winter coats and donate anything that you honest to God do not use and could actually let go of this year and thus help others.

You could donate blankets, shoes, you name it, too.

You could donate items to animal shelters, shelters for the homeless, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Purple Heart…..I mean there are just so many organizations to choose from.

You could tack on just a few bucks to your electric or gas bill to help. Imagine if everyone added just $1. That would add up!

Churches, social clubs and offices could make it easy and have people bring in coats and such, and donate the whole lot to a worthy cause.

I did this once myself. I was a member of Toastmasters and gave a speech called Baby, It Is Cold Outside and sent it out as an email to family and friends as well. I collected 5 garbage size bags of coats from everyone and handled the donation pick-up myself. I learned that if you make it easy and fun….the people will come!

Check out your local Starbucks too, a couple of my old ones have done coat drives.

Better yet, if you are friendly with the staff….suggest it!

Easy peasy, buy your coffee AND drop off a coat. Talk about feeling warm and fuzzy on so many levels. Genius!

Buy that $10 extra bag of groceries for those in need that several grocery stores have going on throughout the year.

Or buy a homeless person a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

There are so many itty bitty things that you could do, and just by doing one and maybe telling someone else about it, well it could make a world of difference.

I would have written about this even if so many places and people weren’t experiencing The Dreaded Polar Vortex.

I just decided to jump on the media hype and say, please, help someone, somewhere, somehow.

No small deed goes unappreciated.

You might not get a thank you.

But you will know, I did what I wish someone else would do for me if I was there.

By the way, polar vortexes come and go, but winter is here to stay for a while.

Please help. Cuz Baby, It Is Cold Outside.


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