I Will Make Friends With Winter And My Summer Body Will Thank Me

Each New Year many people create a New Year’s Resolutions list.

Sometimes it gets a bad rap.

I think it is great because we could all use a reset button after reviewing Hey, am I on track with what I want out of my life at this stage of the game?

Me.  I haven’t made a list yet.

I have some ideas though.

One thing I want, and have wanted for a little over 20 years now, is to be as buff as I can be.

One summer during college, I took all of my physical education requirements because (a) I wanted to be able to graduate on time and (b) I dreaded the idea of sweating on purpose so I waited until I had to do it.

If only I could go back and have a convo with my twenty something year old self, I’d set her straight and she’d be all about I am getting my sport on and I love to sweat!

For three hours each day over the course of a summer I played tennis, played golf and swam.

Without setting out to accomplish anything but passing my classes so I could graduate on time, I ended up with a buff body and I actually enjoyed the process.

I enjoyed the process because I wasn’t focused on I must get in shape.

Granted I was focused on Holy Crap I must graduate on time or my parents will kill me, so having incentive on the other side seems to be necessary.

Present day.

I want to get in shape AND enjoy the process.

One thing that I enjoy beyond words is Ariel Yoga.

I tried it out last year several times and was a natural.

There are very few things that I am a natural at.

Come to think of it, this is the ONLY thing that I am a natural at to date, so I better do something about it.

Well that’s not true.

I was a natural one other time in my life, my first time out surfing.

Sadly, I waited two years before trying it again and the ocean beat the being a natural snot right out of me three times in a row.

Now if only I could come up with the necessary incentive on the other side to see this through and not wait two years until I try it again.

Maybe this will work since my normal MO is mid-summer wishing I had a summer body…..

Summer Bodies

So Goal #1 – I will make friends with winter and my summer body will thank me.

Tune for the post ~ Shot Versus Shot by Jack Johnson from his latest album From Here To Now To You

Summerish music for my budding new friendship!


2 responses to “I Will Make Friends With Winter And My Summer Body Will Thank Me

  • CJ

    Ohhh if only I could talk to 20yo me! But you are right about enjoying the process. Sometime ago I set a goal to run a 5k, my first race ever. Following the training process, I lost a ton of weight, without thinking about being on a diet or anything else. i just wanted to run this race, bonus on top of bonus. Good Luck! Can’t wait to read about your results

    • Saving My Belly Button Ring

      Yeah, if I could talk to 20yo me, boy would I have a lot to say! hahaha I am with you on the best thing ever (the bonus of training aka losing weight without being on a diet)! Thanks for the well wishes and I look forward to sharing my readable results! Granted at the moment, I overindulged at dinner, so I will start first thing tomorrow morning! hahaha Thanks again for your reply. 🙂

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