The Reluctant Gypsy: Going Home

The definition of a gypsy is…..a nomadic or free-spirited person.

Now I can be free-spirited (sometimes not too smart, but most definitely free-spirited), but the nomadic part has only been going on for the last few years and that’s where the reluctant gypsy comes into to play.

November 30, 2009, I sold my condo (aka my beautiful home) that I bought and owned for nine years.  It was my crowning glory to that date, because not only was it lovely, and all my doing, it was an extremely valuable piece of property.

After that, I experienced many ups and downs, and some of those downs were very difficult and heart breaking.

I have moved several times since selling my place,  each time trying to get a little closer back to what I once had.

And now, four years and 23 days later…..I am going home.  Caesar (my cat) and I are going home!

Tomorrow I am moving back to the state that I have called home for 22 of my 42 years.

Each step I have made, each move, have all been geared towards rebuilding my life.

My hope is that my next move will be when I am able to buy another piece of property that I can call home for a good ten or so years.

So Christmas this year will be different for me.

I won’t be with my sis and her family for Christmas Eve sleepover helping Santa build all those freakin’ toys, which comically and luckily, always ends with a beautiful Christmas morning taa daa (as long as there is coffee on the other side)!

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning this year will be all me and Caesar.

But you know what?

I’ll be unwrapping one of the greatest gifts as I unpack…….we are home again.

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate, and Happy Holidays to those of a different tradition/belief!

Tune for the post ~ Home by Phillip Phillips


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